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Take pride in appearance when wearing a uniform

On Monday, I attended the Clarence Center Volunteer Fire Company Benevolent Association’s Annual Labor Day Fair. It was my first trip and it was a fantastic event with food, rides and activities for all ages. Monday’s events included a parade, and since the fair was promoted by the Volunteer Fire Company, several fire companies participated in the parade.

I was surprised and disappointed to see how the fire companies were represented. Many firefighters, of various ages, could be seen in a mixed display of dishevelment – shirts untucked, shirts open, hats on backward. Being a veteran paratrooper, I am familiar with proper wear of a uniform and how uniform presentation illustrates an organization’s pride and respect for the given profession, its members and the organization itself.

Certainly this case is not representative of all fire companies or volunteer firefighters, however, it was disappointing to see a few individuals poorly represent an honorable and prideful group of our fellow citizens.

Lou Bordonaro


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