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Jim Kelly is cancer-free

Jim Kelly got some good news on the cancer front today.

Jill Kelly, on her Instagram account, shared a video of Kelly calling their daughter to give her the following message:

“I just wanted to tell you that Daddy is free of cancer,” Kelly says in the video. “Next thing I have to do -- I have to do a couple follow-ups, but it’s such great news. Thank god. We are blessed. I’m blessed.”

Earlier this afternoon, Steve Tasker tweeted that Kelly’s biopsies came back clear: “Jim Kelly’s biopsies were negative. Wow...just wow...”

Kelly, the former quarterback who set many team records and led the Bills to four appearances in the Super Bowl, had battled oral cancer that spread to his maxillary sinus cavity and adjacent tissues. He had cancer surgery in June 2013, when doctors at Erie County Medical Center removed parts of his jaw and the roof of his mouth. The 2013 surgery was pronounced a success, but cancer returned this year.

After rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Kelly, a surgeon told The News in mid-August that the cancer appeared to have disappeared. Kelly was to undergo a series of tests to verify that.

See a timeline of Kelly’s battle with cancer here.

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