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The Erie County Legislature, which recovened after a month-long hiatus Thursday, approved a resolution that encourages Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to sign a state law that would allow students to administer their own medications instead of relying on school health professionals.

The bill, which already has been passed by both chambers of the State Legislature, would empower students across the state to take charge of their own health care by authorizing them to bring to school medications and other critical health care devices that have been prescribed by their physicians.

“This sensible legislation will help to ensure that children who suffer from food allergies and other medical conditions will have the immediate access to critically needed medicines such as an epinephrine auto injector,” said Erie County Legislator Peter J. Savage III, D-Buffalo, who sponsored the unanimously approved resolution.

The bill also would empower school personnel who are trained by licensed health care providers to assist students in the event of an emergency. School districts would be held legally and financially harmless under the legislation.

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