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Boston Town residents to have say in new LED sign law

Boston town residents will have a chance to voice their opinions on proposed changes involving the use of LED signs during a public hearing at the Town Board meeting Oct. 1.

Town Councilman Jay P. Boardway said the town Planning Board has been working on changes to the signs law since late in 2013.

“They’ve come up with a fantastic set of revisions,” Boardway said.

Among the major changes in the proposal include creating light standards for owners to follow. This includes dimming the lights a half hour after dusk.

Under the proposal, the device must maintain a “constant intensity,” and signs cannot be illuminated or “contain flashing, rotating or moving light or lights.”

Boardway also said one of the goals is to decrease the amount of physical animation. However, he stressed that the town is not looking to limit the message of the businesses that use them. According to Boardway, there are about a half dozen businesses that use LED signs in Boston. What the town is seeking to do is maintain a rural feel, which was one of the reasons the changes were sought, Boardway said.

Among the goals is to make sure businesses conform to the changes in the rules, which the councilman noted includes a size limit on the signs.

Another major proposed change is that instead of the Town Clerk’s Office issuing permits for LED signs, the town’s Code Enforcement Office would have to approve the permit.

Ultimately, Boardway stressed the town’s main reason for wanting to update the sign law.

“Turning them down at night is probably the most important thing,” Boardway said.

The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 7:40 p.m. and Boardway feels confident residents will support them. If the changes are approved, Boardway added the law would take affect 120 days after approval.

In other news:

• Town Supervisor Martin A. Ballowe said negotiations are underway with the town Highway Department in an attempt to come up with a new agreement.

He said as the negotiations progress, he would update the board further.

• The Town Board will hold its next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 17 at the Boston Town Hall, 8500 Boston State Road.

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