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Schrauth Forcucci doesn’t know yet if she’ll appeal

Shortly after midnight following, Catherine Schrauth Forcucci shook hands with the members of the Hamburg Central School Board who had just voted to remove her from her office.

Schrauth Forcucci did not say whether she plans to appeal the decision to the state education commissioner.

“This is not a good night for me to make any decision,” she said.

Her attorney, Margaret Murphy, said the standard for removing an elected official is high, and she does not believe it was reached in this case.

“It still doesn’t come close to official misconduct,” she said.

Board Vice President Thomas Flynn said the board took the matter extremely seriously, and the board had some “good, deep discussions” during the four and one half hour deliberations.

“I don’t think you can be happy when you remove somebody like this. It’s an unfortunate situation,” Flynn said.

He said the board had not discussed whether it would appoint a new board member or hold a special election to fill Schrauth Forcucci’s now-vacant seat.


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