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Letter: We can change lives if we work together

We can change lives if we work together

Buffalo is a community of good neighbors. We know what it is to face failure, to rebuild, to hope against all odds for what seems downright crazy.

Right now, there is a virus taking the lives of thousands of people in West Africa. There are villages full of little ones whose parents will not come home from a treatment center. Maybe you’ve seen it on the news; the world is full of problems. It’s easy to add this one to the pile. But what if we didn’t?

The story of this faraway community is already woven into ours. I have been to Sierra Leone. I have shared hurt and unprecedented joy with incredible people who, much like us, are trying desperately to rebuild. I have squeezed more than one tiny hand in mine. And I have seen the efforts of our community begin to change the story. In five years, people in our humble hometown have funded more than 60 clean water wells, provided a home to orphans and built a school.

So I am pleading for your help. We have the opportunity to impact 25 Ebola orphans and to feed struggling families, but we need you. Join the Digging Deeper campaign with Buffalo humanitarian group Let Them LOL. Give your change, plan a fundraiser, collect an offering. We are small, but together we can change lives.

Katie Brooks

North Tonawanda

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