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Letter: Sedita’s actions speak louder than his words

Sedita’s actions speak louder than his words

In a recent News article, District Attorney Frank Sedita stated that “deep suspicion or a strong opinion, especially when based upon speculation or fueled by contempt for the suspect, must not be confused with proof. Gut feeling … can never substitute for proof and cannot form the basis of a just prosecution. … A prosecution based upon one’s outrage over a horrible tragedy or disdain for a suspect can lead … to the prosecution of an innocent person.”

Sitting in prison today is a Vietnam veteran who has claimed his innocence for more than 25 years. The judge who convicted him has admitted to being biased and prejudiced toward the defendant, and has been recused from future hearings of this case. In an interview that aired on Nov. 21, 2012, Sedita said that if there is credible evidence that a citizen has been wrongly convicted, he and his prosecutors take that just as seriously as they do convicting the guilty.

Yet Sedita’s office has repeatedly denied this man’s request for DNA testing of evidence that was collected and stored since the tragedy. Sedita also has repeatedly denied all appeals. Does he really mean what he says in the media? I know what my jury’s verdict is on this question concerning what he says and what he does.

Kathryn Beardsley


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