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Orchard Park police issued public warnings Tuesday about an apparent locally-based telephone scam ring that has been calling residents and claiming they either had a relative in a serious accident or who had been kidnapped.

Some of the calls, which appear to come from a local number, also claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service and threatened residents with arrest if they don’t quickly pay non-existent tax debts.

Police Lt. Joseph Ray stressed that no legitimate government officer or real business representative would made such calls which include demands for computer passwords, social security numbers or account names on bank accounts. The lieutenant also stressed that no real business would demand immediate payments by Western Union, or a money gram or through green dot cards.

“Anyone asking for such non-traceable, non-refundable payments is being dishonest,” Lt. Ray said. He stressed that finding such scamsters is “very difficult” for authorities and anyone getting such a phone call should withhold information, hang up and call police to report the incident.

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