Letter: Pope dashes all hope of justice for abused - The Buffalo News

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Letter: Pope dashes all hope of justice for abused

Pope dashes all hope of justice for abused

Pope Francis missed his chance! Years after learning of despicable acts against our most precious and vulnerable citizens – our children – it was appalling to read the article in the Aug. 24 News, “Vatican under fire in recent child sexual abuse case.”

Educated in Catholic schools growing up, I had a fervent respect for priests and nuns and all they represented. My heart broke and soured when misdeeds by priests were revealed. After all these years, I have not recovered from the shock in learning that not only did the Vatican pull the wool over their eyes in respect to these acts, but allowed it to continue without consequence.

With Francis at the helm, I had a sense of hope that such behavior would no longer be tolerated. Furthermore, if a crime was committed, the accused would be prosecuted as any other pedophile. But, no. This was handled by Vatican City’s judicial system. Evidence against Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was kept from the Dominican authorities, and he was whisked away to Rome to be protected. Same old, same old.

I thought that Francis would be the one to bring justice for all of the damaged children. With this latest revelation, my hopes have been crushed.

Trish Ramunno


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