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Letter: People must make effort to vote on Primary Day

People must make effort to vote on Primary Day

With Primary Day approaching, The News should be focusing on the upcoming elections, which usually draw only a small percentage of registered voters. This election offers concerned voters an opportunity to make a significant protest about the corruption in Albany.

Andrew Cuomo campaigned on ridding Albany of corruption when he first ran for governor. He was going to “clean it up.” He created the Moreland Commission, but when the investigation started to get too close to him and his cronies, he disbanded it. This should be a continuous story and the public should be kept up to date on how a U.S. attorney is continuing the investigation. The public has a right to know about the “pay to play” scandals and the hidden deals to push agendas not in the public’s best interest, but rather to reward the politicians and favored few.

For those who resent being treated like subjects, rather than citizens, and are opposed to being ruled, rather than represented, they have the right to vote against the politicians who are overtaxing them, depriving them of rights and freedoms and ignoring the wishes of upstate residents in order to placate those who live in New York City.

This is the first primary in many years where the governor is on the ballot. Those who are indifferent to the corruption and high-handed way he runs his office can vote for him, or stay home. Those who want a state where they are not subjects of the “three men in a room” who determine what laws are passed (usually heavily influenced by big money lobbyists) can actually vote against the incumbents.

This is how a government of the people and by the people should function. Vote!

Budd Schroeder

Board Chairman, SCOPE


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