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Letter: Union members proud to work for neighbors

Union members proud to work for neighbors

This year’s Labor Day Parade theme is “Neighbors Working for You.” I’m fortunate to have been assigned the task of organizing today’s parade. Let me first say that this event isn’t organized by one person; we have a wonderful committee of labor people who not only wish to do right by their members, but the community as a whole.

We wanted to have a theme that reflects our mission. We care deeply about our communities and are heavily involved with our allies. We understand that there are many outside forces pulling on a working family – the economy, job security, raising your children in a safe and healthy environment.

We would like the residents of Western New York to understand that those individuals who pick up your trash on a cold winter morning more than likely belong to a union. The nurse who takes care of you, the counselor on the other end of a suicide hot line and the advocate trying to place a homeless individual carry union cards.

We are the janitors who clean your offices, the Red Cross workers who take your blood donation, the drivers who deliver your food to the grocery store, the postal workers who deliver your mail and the workers who deliver your utilities. We are carrying union cards. We are the customer service agents at the other end of the phone. We are the construction workers who have erected the hotels and HarborCenter project along with the expansion of the medical corridor. We are first responders and EMTs. We are pilots, flight attendants, teachers, military reservists and, of course, your neighbors.

The parade will start at noon today and proceed down Abbott Road from the Irish Center to Cazenovia Park. We are proud to say we are union. We are proud to say we work for you, our neighbors. Happy Labor Day!

John Mudie

Executive Vice President

CWA Local 1122, Buffalo

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