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Letter: Corporate greed is destroying America

Corporate greed is destroying America

At 72 years old and a retired autoworker, I can’t help but cringe when I see our jobs going out of our country to other countries. Almost nothing we use or buy is made in America anymore.

Profits and greed are driving our economy. Wall Street continues to hit big numbers while Main Street is falling. When will it end? When there is no more America?

Now Burger King is bolting for the border and feels no shame. With no disrespect toward our Canadian neighbors, I guess Burger King will stamp its burgers and doughnuts with “made in Canada.”

The sad part is that the very people we put in Congress are silent and act like they are disconnected to what is obvious – the selling of America. While Republicans are focused on stopping the president at all costs at the front door, corporate America is selling the country out of the back door. God help America before it is too late.

De Wayne Smith


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