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Q: With the delay in production starting, will “The Big Bang Theory” begin when originally scheduled this fall? – Jim Stark, Columbus, Ohio

A: At this writing, the sitcom is slated to start Season 8 as initially planned Sept. 22 on CBS. The one-week delay in getting started received a lot of attention because of the central cast members’ contract renegotiations, which – as is widely known by now – ended up netting Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting an almost tripled salary increase, netting them each $1 million per episode for the next season and beyond.


Q: I’ve seen Amy Adams in a lot of movies on cable lately. Has she ever done TV work? – Stacy Brennan, Bend, Ore.

A: Early on, she did guest shots on a number of series including “That ’70s Show,” “Charmed,” “Providence,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Smallville” … plus guest voices on the animated “King of the Hill.” She also did a spot on “The West Wing” just as her film career was starting to catch on with a role in the Steven Spielberg-directed “Catch Me If You Can.”

While she might have had her first series if Fox had aired a TV version of “Cruel Intentions” called “Manchester Prep” (edited instead into feature-film length and released on video as “Cruel Intentions 2”), Adams’ first ongoing home-screen role was opposite Rob Lowe on the short-lived CBS show “Dr. Vegas,” then she did a short arc on “The Office.” Right after that, she earned big attention – and her first Oscar nomination – for the independent film “Junebug.”


Q: Who is Bianna Golodryga’s husband? I saw him on her last “Good Morning America” show, and he looked familiar. – Carol Miles, Buffalo

A: You might have recognized him from appearances on newscasts and weekend public-affairs shows. He’s Peter Orszag, President Obama’s former budget director. He now works at Citigroup and writes a column for Bloomberg, and his wife left “GMA” to become a news and finance anchor at Yahoo! That returns her to her broadcasting roots, since before joining ABC News, she worked for CNBC.

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