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Letter: Media coverage contributes to unworthy Bills frenzy

Media coverage contributes to unworthy Bills frenzy

Despite numerous newsletters and common sense articles, almost all media, including The Buffalo News, persist in belaboring the majority of area taxpayers who do not participate with a constant barrage of Bills front page and prime news promotional coverage, even during the off-season. Sports coverage and paid ads are one thing. This supposedly gratuitous assault is outrageous.

Many of us are sick and tired of having our noses rubbed in the fact $134 million of our taxes is subsidizing a millionaire entertainment stadium enterprise renovation, while our streets wait years for repaving.

To add insult to injury, we have to endure the resulting automotive repairs in addition to foreign advertising on the property. This while grandstanders are pushing for a new stadium for our depleted and impoverished region.

If only area media had been up to educating the public on the downside of supply side, instead of giving carte blanche to former Bills quarterback-turned-congressman Jack Kemp. Maybe our area would have been suitable to support these scant return extravaganzas.

Louis L.  Boehm

Orchard Park

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