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Letter: More people should donate platelets at Roswell Park

More people should donate platelets at Roswell Park

Since my retirement in 2001 I have been donating platelets at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I don’t do this for any accolades or praise but for completely selfish reasons. It makes me feel good inside. Knowing that you have, in a small way, helped some anonymous person that is ill makes you feel terrific.

Donating for just over 10 years, every other week, makes me a rookie compared to other donors I know and have met. These people along with the hospital staff are the most positive people I have ever met. No downbeat or grumpy individuals here. One, in particular, Dick Casseri is a “grand master” of donors. He has donated platelets for almost 50 years! I kid him that if we are lucky enough to get to heaven, I’ll be the one with a giant fluffy fan on a long pole keeping him cool while he enjoys a beverage.

In all seriousness, more people should be made more aware of this no-cost, easy to do, rewarding activity. The procedure is simple enough. Call and make an appointment, show up at the scheduled time, answer a few health questions helped by a nurse, then donate.

The staff at the platelet apheresis center is great. They are friendly and helpful to a fault. You even get free parking in the ramp, snacks and any beverage of your choice. Well, almost any. To close I will use the old saying: “Try it, you’ll like it.”

Tim O’Shei


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