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Letter: Collins has it wrong on critical energy topics

Collins has it wrong on critical energy topics

Recently Rep. Chris Collins published in this paper an Another Voice column concerning energy initiatives such as HR 6 (Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act), an act he claims would increase exports of United States natural gas, protecting America’s geopolitical standing, create thousands of jobs and stimulating economic growth. He blamed President Obama for not endorsing this initiative and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, along with downstate lawmakers, for resisting fracking.

The congressman wants this act to move forward on these energy “innovations” like the Keystone Pipeline XL and hydraulic fracking and protection of coal plants like Somerset in his district, claiming these are vital to America’s energy independence and innovation.

On the Somerset power plant reference, it was the administration of former Gov. George Pataki that pushed through a rules change that created a confusion of market-driven exchanges, believing market competition would favor consumers. This has not worked so well.

The congressman’s impulsiveness is not good governing.

Roger Chenez


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