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Letters: Bills should not supersede weighty, real-world issues

Bills should not supersede weighty, real-world issues

I watched a local new station’s noon broadcast on Aug. 14 where they opened with two “breaking news” stories. The newscaster stated one story as the impending sale of the Buffalo Bills, the other was the reported abduction of two Amish girls. The newscaster continued with “but first, more on the sale of the Buffalo Bills.”

Are you kidding me? I thought as I switched the channel, outraged, how could the Buffalo Bills be more important than two innocent little Amish girls’ safety and well-being? I have a pretty good idea why.

I’m sure I speak for the minority here – sell the team and move it to Toronto as soon as possible. We do not need a new stadium before Buffalo’s sewer systems and other environmental problems are corrected (West Valley, Niagara Falls area to name a few). Not to mention finding real solutions to the problems of the school systems, high taxes, etc.

What this region needs is true leadership at the town, city, county, state and federal levels. It is time for people in general to get their priorities in order. That is what this country needs.

Doulas Babcock