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Letter: Horizontal turbines could harness power

Horizontal turbines could harness power

In response to the Aug. 18 letter concerning harnessing more power from the Niagara River, I would like to share my experience with the writer.

While working at Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans, La., in 1984, we fabricated probably the largest horizontal turbine ever built. It stood eight stories high and was just as square.

When completed, it was partially submerged in the Mississippi River at Avondale and floated up the river to a site in the state of Mississippi and then submerged in the river.

The process was not quite as simple as that, but my point is that this feat of engineering was accomplished 30 years ago by predominantly Cajun workers, who couldn’t read or write so well, but built one hell of a ship.

Avondale, owned by Northrup-Grumann, is presently mothballed, but I’m sure the state of Mississippi would share information with us.

Jeffrey Basty


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