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NFL owners would not mind if the Bills moved to Canada

NFL owners don’t care about your funding issues. Businesses are focused on maximizing revenue and generating profits and work to locate in the best markets to do that.

Despite some of the lowest ticket prices in the league, we are one of the few teams that does not sell out every home game. The team may be highly profitable to you and me, but we are always in the bottom 10 in revenues, so of course the NFL wants the sale to come with a new stadium plan and increased revenues.

The 21st-century NFL is a high-end, expensive proposition and they want to increase revenues in every stadium, licensing, TV or internet deal.

Mr. Ralph Wilson’s last gift to Buffalo was the 10-year extension for some modest upgrades to the Ralph.

You can be sure most NFL owners preferred no extension with a $400 million penalty, so the team could be sold upon his death, with no restrictions, to the highest bidder.

To keep an NFL team in Western New York from 2020 and beyond will require a new stadium that can generate significantly higher revenues.

That likely means having a dome/retractable roof and a location closer to the 5 million-plus potential customers in southern Ontario.

Aaron Walker


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