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Poems of the Week: By John Roche

By John Roche

Joe’s poems are hand picked and hand ground by Joe himself

not hawked by a corporate shill with a donkey

Joe’s poems contain no additives or fillers

Joe’s poems are slow baked on a blanket in the sun

Joe’s poems can be boiled over a pinion-wood campfire

or French-pressed and served with chicory

Joe’s poems are served daily at Cafe Vesuvio and Caffe Lena

Inhaling the aroma of Joe’s poems you find yourself in Jena 1796 or Paris 1871

Drinking in Joe’s poems you find yourself somewhere in time

Joe’s poems always ease you on down the road

Joe Surveys the Damage

By John Roche

Joe refuses to be king of the one-idea’d men

knows the mistakes of Freud Marx Watson Skinner Friedman

snowballed into much human misery

Einstein’s mushroomed into Oppenheimer’s Shiva

Saussure scoffed at “fossil poetry” started the chain of signifiers signifying nothing

interchangeable as windowless monadic cubicles

in Bauhaus boxes stuffed with Corbusier’s “equal air”

all of us choking on it now, longing to spin an old analog 78

Joe sips tequila, bides his time, knows the Next Big Thing’s

’‘bout to crash the program any day now

JOHN ROCHE will join with several Buffalo-area contributors to “Mo’ Joe: The Continuing Saga of Joe the Poet, Volume 2” (Beatlick Press, 2014) at 7 p.m. Friday at Dog Ears Books, 688 Abbott Road as guests of the Fourth Friday Poetry Series. An associate professor of English at Rochester Institute of Technology whose scholarship focuses on Anglo-Irish literature, Beat literature and the Black Mountain poets, he earned his Ph.D. in English from the University at Buffalo for a dissertation on Walt Whitman and Frank Lloyd Wright. His recent books of poetry include “On Conesus” (FootHills Publishing, 2005), “Topicalities” (FootHills, 2008) and “Road Ghosts” (Theenk Books, 2010).

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