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Letter: Malone is the leader I’ve been praying for

Malone is the leader I’ve been praying for

There is nothing more reprehensible than anonymous attacks or criticism, especially when “men of God” publicly attack their leader. These are Christians?

For 30 years, I waited and prayed for a shepherd like Bishop Richard Malone. He is not heavy-handed; we finally have a real and decisive leader who isn’t run by some nun or other powers behind the throne. Send me the memos!

At our confirmation, the kids and adults fell over themselves answering the bishop, laughing and lining up after Mass for pictures and to visit. For the first time in 30 years of being a priest, I felt appreciated by someone who acted like he meant it.

As for the school closings, Catholic schools “work” only when they have “volume.” Our many sisters who worked for a pittance, and large families that provided kids, made the system work until we cut our throats by buying into the contraceptive mind-set. Public schools are closing and consolidating for the same reason: fewer kids!

Malone inherited a problem he was forced to fix. As a former pastor of a central city parish that closed in 2007, I find the outrage at the closing of suburban schools interesting. Where was all the outcry when central city parishes were closed – disenfranchising the elderly and the poor who had no means of travel to other worship sites?

As for complaints of “dissatisfaction” and “low morale,” is it realistic to expect a bishop to make us happy? No human can make us happy; these priests must learn to draw happiness from a personal relationship with Christ.

My only complaint about Malone is that I believe his abilities will take him away from us, and our loss will be someone else’s gain.

The Rev. Richard M. Poblocki

Pastor, St. Josaphat Catholic Church


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