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Letters for August 18

Maybe now Saban cam be honored

Lou Saban needs to added to the Wall of Fame. He won AFL titles in 1964 and 1965 - the only time the Bills have won the last game of the season in the playoffs. His teams have three players in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Ralph Wilson would not let him go on the wall. The time is now. I am tired of that era of Bills football being forgotten. Lou was a coach that we of that era were proud of and sad when he left each time.

Let’s bring him home where he belongs.

Mark Hibschweiler


Let’s deal with Toronto: Football for baseball

Buffalo should be talking with the Jon Bon Jovi consortium.

I’ve heard Buffalo called the “City of No Illusions” but those who think the Bills will not be moved are living in the Land of Make Believe. The Buffalo News stated a few weeks ago that the penalty to move the Bills drops to $28 million in 2020. “Chump change,” they called it. And waiting until 2020 does indeed give Toronto the time needed to build a new football stadium.

With this inevitability looming over Buffalo, why would anyone be thinking of building a new stadium? The taxpayers just spent $130 million on Ralph Wilson Stadium. If 2020 rolls around and Buffalo has two NFL stadiums with no NFL team, Buffalo will become the biggest joke in North America. What then? Hit up the taxpayers again to tear down the new waterfront stadium? The question is, do you want to be left without anything in 2020 or do you want to get something for the Bills while you still have them?

Why aren’t the Bills talking with the Toronto consortium about “The Big Swap,” the Bills for the Jays.

Part of Bon Jovi’s consortium is Rogers Communications. What more could you ask for than to sit down with the owner of the Blue Jays who wants the Bills in Toronto? If you’re serious about rebuilding Buffalo then get a MLB team downtown in the summer. Agree to swap teams effective 2020 and let each city start preparing for their new team. MLB has twice turned Buffalo down so let’s talk with the only MLB team that could conceivably relocate to Buffalo.

We won’t get another chance like this so let’s be bold, imaginative and masters of our own fate.

Phil Parshall


No public money should be used for stadiums

As I sit and wait to see who the new owner of the Bills is going to be, I feel it is time for Congress to act.

They enjoyed sticking their nose into the steroid issue, so why not do something helpful. Mark Poloncarz is leery of how much the NFL will want the people of Erie County to chip in for a new stadium. I propose that Congress create a law banning the use of public money and tax breaks for stadiums in the United States.

If it were a national law, every NFL team that wants a new stadium wouldn’t be able to use Los Angeles as a threat to get taxpayer money. Professional sports are big business and stadiums are their factories. This is the one industry where Congress could put their foot down.

Daniel Russo


Sunlight is needed on NFL finances

Every taxpayer in Erie County should send County Executive Mark Poloncarz a bouquet of flowers for having the guts to stand up to the NFL.

His public statement that he’s not going to cut public services for all just to build a new billion dollar stadium for the Bills is a gem.

And he topped off his gutsy statement by saying to the NFL “show me your books.”

One of the best kept secrets in our nation is the financial status of every NFL team including our Buffalo Bills. Every time a team cries lack of profitability and has its hand out for public funds, it refuses to open up the books.

I’m a Bills fan and have purchased tickets for over 30 years but enough is enough.

West Seneca

Kemp’s career doesn’t measure up for Hall

We can’t justify the enshrinement of Jack Kemp into the Hall of Fame.

Of all rated quarterbacks with 1,500 career attempts, Kemp is fifth from the bottom. Only Frank Tripucka, Cotton Davidson, Mike Phipps and Tobin Rote had lower career ratings.

Even in 1964, the first championship, Kemp was picked off 26 times in 269 attempts, nearly 10 percent. It was a different era.

Kemp had a good average gain per completion, but I can’t see Kemp in the Hall of Fame.

Rod Rowland


Reader enjoys writings of Kelly’s daughter

What a talented writer Erin Kelly is. I look forward to her weekly column and find it to be uplifting. Her writing exemplifies her maturity.

Her parents must be very proud of her.

Harriet Eggleston


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