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Letter: Rampant greed is destroying country

Rampant greed is destroying country

One could sit back and try to digest all of the economic data that government, business and the endless number of so-called experts on CNBC, CNN, Fox and our local news broadcasts love to spiel, or one could take a hard, pragmatic look at reality. What would that reality focus on? That’s the easiest question of all – pure and simple greed.

Year after year, companies have to make more and more profit. They cut corners by laying people off, adding less product to that bag, box or can of goodies you bought or increasing the price you pay at the register. Who benefits from this? The list is long – corporate America, CEOs, Wall Street, hedge funds and government politicians.

The hard part is how to correct the problem. There probably is not an easy answer. The only problem-solver I can come up with is to just clean house and start over. We need honest, caring people; young, energetic new blood; term limits in government; businesses paying their fair tax rate; hedge funds not being able to turn the markets by their buying and selling practices; government officials making deals to benefit the good of the county rather than their re-election; and an understanding of the basic needs of people – food, clothing and shelter.

How hard is that to understand? Greed is the problem. If you don’t see that, you’re not trying, or you happen to be one of the above mentioned.

Mark Neupert


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