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A workout before breakfast

You have to get up pretty early in the morning if you want to exercise outdoors with Deanna Giordano.

There are benefits to her 6 a.m. workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays at Mang Park in Kenmore, particularly if you also heed her advice: Don’t eat breakfast before you show up.

“When you exercise early in the morning, before your body really knows what it’s doing, it helps burn fat,” said Giordano, owner of Studio Sophia, which focuses on personal and small group training in a studio above Fitness Factory at 2852 Delaware Ave., near Kenmore Avenue, not far from the park. For more info, visit studiosophia.biz.

What do you eat after an early morning workout?

You eat your protein and your carbs, to get the muscles back to normal, like a protein shake and two eggs and half a bagel or a slice of toast. If you’re going to have a workout early in the morning, you should eat at least two hours prior and most people can’t do it when the workout is at 6 a.m. … It’s OK for your body not to have food in it right away; allowing it to use other things in the body to burn calories is good for you – not on a daily basis, but every once in a while, like on a Tuesday, Thursday.

What are the staples of your diet?

I think at every meal you should have 20 grams of protein. I always have two eggs in the morning, at least chicken or fish with a salad for lunch, or a turkey sandwich, and I have the same thing for dinner: a salad, vegetable and a protein. I always give myself a little Tofutti snack – fudge pops made from tofu – at night because it gives me that little bit of protein and a sweet that I crave. It’s only 95 calories and it’s a nice little quencher.

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