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63 Buffalo teachers told they may not have jobs

Dozens of Buffalo teachers found out this week they might not have a job for the new school year, the result of staffing adjustments after the budget season.

The 30-day notices went out to 63 teachers across a variety of subject areas, grade levels and schools. They include four in guidance, 12 in English, 12 in math, 10 in science, 11 in social studies, 10 in reading, two in art and two teachers for the hearing impaired, the district said.

The layoffs are based on projected enrollment calculations, as well as changes due to the move of the former Pinnacle Charter School 115 to Harvey Austin School 97, and the elimination of a ninth-grade class at Bennett High School for the 2014-15 school year.

It is possible the district will find spots for many of those individuals before school starts Sept. 4. The district is still trying to fill positions for math and reading coaches. So that could create movement, and open spots, throughout the district.

The district also may receive notice that other teachers are retiring or resigning, making their positions available.

“This is always a dynamic situation,” said Darren Brown, the district’s human resources administrator.

The number of possible layoffs is a small fraction of the district’s roughly 3,000 teachers.

In the meantime, Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore is advising those affected to file for unemployment.

Both Rumore and Brown said the number of notices sent out is the highest it has been in recent years.

“I just think it’s heartless,” Rumore said. “Why do you have to wait until the last minute?”

“We’re kind of surprised because there was no warning on this,” he added.

In response, district spokeswoman Elena Cala issued a statement saying that the district could not do anything sooner because the retirement and disability notices came in over the summer months, “many as late as August.”

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