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Letter: Stop playing games with bicyclists’ lives

Stop playing games with bicyclists’ lives

To the man in the gray car driving south on Maple Road in Wilson while I was riding my bike north, I wonder how low your IQ must be to find deliberately crossing the yellow line and “aiming” for me funny. I was not even close to your lane, causing you any sort of inconvenience.

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a good friend to many. I’m important to people. I contribute to the success of an organization. I make people smile. I’m a nice person. I’m an intelligent person who pays her taxes and, therefore, also owns the road on which I’m riding my bike. By law, I have every right to be there.

You have no right to play games with my life. You may have found it funny. I found it infuriating. You’re not funny. You are a jerk and you’re lucky you didn’t hit me. Would you have been able to live with what your childish game caused? If you would, then I guess no matter what anyone says, you’ll never get it because you have no sense of empathy.

The vast majority of drivers are not like you and that makes me happy. Most drivers give me space when I’m riding. They wait for me while I’m going past their intersection and return my “thank you” wave with their “you’re welcome” wave. Most drivers are nice people.

I really hope you don’t hurt somebody because you didn’t get your car back into your own lane in time.

Donna Stone

Orchard Park

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