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Letter: Let liberals take care of illegal immigrants

Let liberals take care of illegal immigrants

How many more letters will The News publish from bleeding-heart liberals regarding the 50,000 or more poor children from Central America illegally entering the United States? If they feel so sorry for these children, then write a big, fat check that won’t bounce to pay for them. Don’t forget to make it big enough to cover the costs endured by them for social benefits and prisons for the next 50 years.

Maybe these people should be more concerned with the millions already here who are without fathers – those who are just waiting to be the next generation of jail inmates, welfare recipients, gang members or drug dealers. While we should protect our children, why is it that the parents of these children do not do what is right and protect them at home? They need to take their countries back. Oh, maybe their dictator governments have already taken away their right to keep and bear arms.

I am one of the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of being told it is up to us to solve the world’s problems. And it always revolves around being told that I have to pay even more.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins

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