It seems to us: Cold hand of reality, Putin the punisher, history on the hoof and Bon Jovi-free - The Buffalo News
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It seems to us: Cold hand of reality, Putin the punisher, history on the hoof and Bon Jovi-free

Dear Mother Nature: Are you kidding us? So, a polar vortex rockets much of the country into an icy, drawn-out winter that lasts into what should have been spring and now there’s a chance it might happen all over again, and as soon as next month?

This has to be some sort of mistake. Or a hoax. According to, the polar vortex, a bubble of extremely cold air that swirls around the Arctic, may visit the Northeast before we know it.

That’s right. AccuWeather predicts a “significant shot of chilly air that comes across the Great Lakes region and into the interior Northeast sometime in mid to late September.” In case that’s not enough bad news, AccuWeather expects El Nino, the pool of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that affects our weather, to make an early debut this winter and fuel early snow across the Northeast.

Talk about a buzz kill while we’re enjoying some gorgeous August days. It’s enough that we’re already on the downside of summer. Couldn’t forecasters wait until Labor Day before delivering the bad news?

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be willing to punish his own people in his effort to strike back at the West for imposing sanctions over Russia’s meddling in Ukraine.

Russia banned virtually all food imports from the West, including meats, fish, vegetables, milk and milk products from the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada and Norway.

Putin claims Russian farmers will fill the gap, aided by countries that haven’t imposed sanctions. But it almost certainly means lower supplies and fewer choices for just about everything, coupled with higher prices.

Wonder if this means Putin thinks Russians can do without beef-on-weck, chicken wings and bleu cheese?

We like how Erie County Fair officials are determined to interest the younger generation in the fair’s farming roots – making memories for future generations, as they put it. However, it may be a struggle to get them to look up from their smartphones long enough to build those memories.

Farm animals and sewing and other crafts may seem old-fashioned, but they are part of the fabric of the community. Enjoy the fair, but venture beyond the midway, food and product demonstrations and spend some time with the newborn calves, giant draft horses, colorful chickens and everything else that’s part of our history.

The overreaction of local radio stations to rocker Jon Bon Jovi’s efforts to buy the Buffalo Bills is music to the ears of Bon Jovi haters tired of every replay of “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Entercom, Cumulus and Townsquare Media have all pulled Bon Jovi songs from their 10 FM stations. The boycott stems from the belief that if Bon Jovi’s group manages to buy the Bills, the team eventually will be a “runaway” and move to Toronto.

Bon Jovi’s denial of any such plan has fallen on deaf ears. Apparently Bills fans don’t believe it when he says “I’ll be There for You.”

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