Moby performs at Canalside on Thursday, August 14th.

From the sound of it, Moby’s days as an ever on the move, constantly touring musician are over, or at least, close to it.

“I just don’t like the touring lifestyle: I never wanted to be that haggard musician in my 40s looking beaten down and unhealthy in an airport, and that’s what I became,” he said in the official bio for his forthcoming album, “Innocents,” due in October. “So why not just stay home and see what it’s like developing friendships, a home life, and maybe get a dog?”

I feel you, Moby. Everyone needs a dog. Or maybe even two. And the touring thing? Anyone who has ever done it for any length of time most likely came to the same conclusion, in the end – it’s a tough life.

Bearing in mind this new aversion to touring, we should be doubly thrilled that we are being gifted a Moby DJ appearance at 6 p.m. Aug. 14 at Canalside. Admission is free, too.

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