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Letter: Buffalo is overzealous in parking enforcement

Buffalo is overzealous in parking enforcement

Paying $35 for a parking ticket is fair. The City of Buffalo’s draconian enforcement is not. The aggressive, overzealous parking enforcement directly impacts business and quality of life.

If you do the math in The News article, you will find Syracuse issues $2.6 million in parking fines annually; Buffalo issues $9.6 million. Buffalo averages $37 yearly per citizen in parking tickets; Syracuse $18. Buffalo tickets $181,000 per square mile; Syracuse tickets $96,000 per square mile. Buffalo tickets almost twice as frequently as Syracuse.

I don’t think we are more careless. I don’t think we heinously block fire hydrants or misuse disabled parking. The city patrols the neighborhoods and tickets alternate parking 10 minutes after the time switches. It harasses festival-goers who are 18 inches from the curb. I witnessed this at the Italian Festival and the victim vowed never to shop or eat on Hertel again. Buffalo will ticket a car in a driveway if the bumper hangs over the sidewalk.

Why not allow alternate parking times to overlap an hour so residents can move their cars? Why not open both sides of the street around festivals for the duration of a festival? There is plenty of room for fire trucks on most streets and, contrary to urban legend, our snowplows are not used in July.

It is a common complaint of the citizenry, a quality-of-life issue in the neighborhoods and a detriment to business – and it is perpetrated on us by our elected government.

Dan Genco


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