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Years spent teaching were very gratifying

What a beautiful testimony to teaching in My View on July 29. Larry Schiro is correct in that you cannot know what it is like unless you do it, day after day, year after year. It is without question the most gratifying, still most noble work to do. My father taught for 50 years, my brother and I both for 32 years.

Facebook has reconnected me with so many great kids who are now productive, successful adults. So many of them remain a big part of my life, along with their children. Many thank me still to this day. I always feel like I was and am the lucky one. Students were, are and will always remain the best part of my life!

We would all be better served if we actually polled teachers as to how they truly feel about our work. You would hear and see far more positives.

Kathleen M. Garcea


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