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Another Voice: The world looks away as Israel brutalizes innocent Gazans

By Amber Shaikh

It’s disheartening to read people’s comments excusing Israel’s crimes against humanity. I understand that Hamas is a declared terrorist organization by our State Department, but murdering innocents is legally and morally wrong.

Let’s be fair and not cheer on Israel for killing more than 1,000 civilians in only 19 days. There is documented proof of Israel targeting innocent children on the beach and elsewhere to justify the excuse that “Hamas is using kids as shields.”

One cannot compare an extremely armed, nuclear and well-funded country like Israel to a poor village like Gaza, without an army, without a port or an airport, which has been completely sealed from all sides and suffering from occupation for more than 60 years.

There have been 50 U.N. resolutions against Israel, but they have not been enforced. Most of the world is condemning this “legalized” terrorism committed by the Israeli regime, but sadly no action has been taken. We are appalled with the unconditional support our government is giving to this genocide of Palestinians.

Long before Hamas fired rockets into Israel, terrorism has been a norm for radical Israeli settlers illegally occupying Palestinian land, kicking people out of their homes, abusing, imprisoning, enslaving and murdering Palestinians. What Israel is doing is not defense, it’s ethnic cleansing, documented since the creation of the state of Israel.

Many rabbis are against this genocide because they remember what their ancestors went through in the Holocaust. Hitler used the same “defense” excuse to kill 6 million Jews. Ten thousand American Jews protested against Zionists’ treatment of Palestinians in Manhattan last year. The U.S. media are biased and there is no condemnation from the Congress, either.

Where is the humanity? Are people afraid they will lose funding from Zionist extremists? Will people open their eyes and realize that humanity is more important than being an apologist for the Israeli aggression? Are people afraid of being called anti-Semitic if they protest? Let’s remember that Arabs are Semites, too, and most importantly, they are humans.

Amber Shaikh of Williamsville is a member of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York.

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