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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Ridge Road & Gasport-Hartland Road, Daniel F. Schroeder to Danny Groffenberg, $69,500.


• Upper Mountain Road, Richard Quarantillo to Gretchen Wurl, $195,000.

• The Circle, David Jakubowski to Jessica Jakubowski; Matthew D. Jakubowski, $100,000.

• 4675 Creek Road, Heather L. Bates-Pierce; Ronald P. Bates to Heather L. Pierce, $67,500.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Ernest E. Haseley; Helen M. Haseley to Michael J. Richards, $35,000.

• Adams Circle, Tammy L. Skurski; Richard M. Skurski to Ronald J. Falk; Patricia A. Falk, $19,000.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $137,200 Average price: $72,564 Median price: $66,475 Number of Sales: 9

• Lindhurst Drive, Raymond W. Deneau; Rita K. Deneau to Kathryn M. Schiavitti, $137,200.

• Pennsylvania Ave., Dina M. Udell; Dina M. Licata to Tracy L. Steen, $117,000.

• Rogers Ave., Crestview Property Holdings to Cynthia Genter, $94,900.

• Roosevelt Drive, Margaret M. Maas; Michael J. Landrigan to Cortland J. McKernan; Alexandra L. Agnew, $94,500.

• Alabama Place, Ryan P. Teague; Christina M. Teague to Cassandra Leverette, $66,475.

• Prospect St., Andrew J. Farina to Scott M. Jones, $53,000.

• Park Place, David J. Dipaola to Sharon Farber, $38,000.

• 55 Adam St., C&P Consulting Inc. to Alan Ingraham, $37,000.

• Gooding St. & Williams St., Vincent W. Woolley to Affordable Living New York, $15,000.


• Hidden Lake Drive, Barbara M. Moon to Clinton J. Starke; Joanne M. Starke, $208,900.

• Amy Lane, Theodore Passero; Catherine M. Passero; Theodore A. Passero to Erica N. Alvers; Mark D. Anastasia Jr., $148,400.

• Grasmere Road, Andrew J. Burns to Darius Bessette, $146,500.

• 4497 Sunset Drive, John C. Whidden to Wells Fargo Bank, $104,000.

• Grasmere Road, Gregory Fox to Jeremy D. Hejza; Samantha M. Hejza, $89,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Colleen Ann Mathews; Colleen Mathews; Randall D. Hodge; Nick E. Gardea; Pauline B. Gardea to Brandon Rogers, $58,000.


• 2105 Lockport Olcott Road, Kirk E. Kijanka to Fannie Mae, $107,446.

• 1893 West Creek Road, Catherine M. Skutt to Wells Fargo Bank, $78,000.

• Hatter Road, Victor E. Dold; Judith E. Dold to Helen Schwartz; Thomas Schwartz, $15,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $550,000 Average price: $71,474 Median price: $41,000 Number of Sales: 25

• 13th St. & Pine Ave., Craven Family Trust; John M. Roone; Bronic Inc.; E-Land Llc; Kelsey C. Rooney; Thomas M. Mercer to Ama Washington Square Inc., $550,000.

• 3rd St., Sher Singh; Jagdeep Singh to Waheguru Sonapal Inc., $160,000.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Calvin K. Richards to Michael J. Richards, $150,000.

• 58th St., Renee Rosicki to Robert L. Scott, $132,978.

• 84th St. & Troy Ave., Leo J. McDonald; Geraldine P. McDonald to Michael R. Carney Jr., $92,220.

• Steele Circle Estates At Wildwood Acres, Condo A/Unit 35, Navino L. Ponzi to Emily M. Fink; Robert L. Fink, $79,900.

• 81st & 82nd St., Christopher Tomlin to Sara B. Dietzman, $68,000.

• River Road Sutton Place Condo, Building 5/Unit 55, Emily M. Fink; Robert L. Fink to Wendy Karr; Jordan Karr, $65,000.

• 24th St., Buffalo Niagara Falls Real Estate to Lylas Fequiere, $48,000.

• Michigan Ave., Duaine Ivey; Beatrice W. Ivey to Giovanni Torres Matos, $47,500.

• Linwood Ave., Alexis Knight to Gil Oscar A. Paul, $46,012.

• 4791 Creekside Parkway, Melinda Schultz; Vera H. Caldwell to Melinda Schultz, $42,900.

• 2441 Linwood Ave., Janis Chapados; Elsie M. Golanka to Kenneth Hine; Jason M. Vaclavik, $41,000.

• Pine Ave., Matthew Lolo to Niagara Real Estate Holdings Inc., $40,000.

• 426 75th St., Robert M. Stott to Mellon Bank of New York, $33,365.

• Woodlawn Ave., Peter Anthony Granto; Lucille Angelica Magura; Peter A. Granto; Linda L. Granto to Paul Louis Granto; Victoria L. Granto, $33,332.

• 1522 Elmwood Ave., Wing Properties to Philip Naftalin Llc, $30,000.

• 157 69th St., Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Anthony Thomas Rodgers, $29,900.

• 26th St., Albert Lacivita; Ernest P. Lacivita to Anthony F. Poletti; Matthew N. Poletti, $23,000.

• 2308 Niagara St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Wing Properties, $22,500.

• 18th St., Houssam Halabi; Safinaz Halabi to RTP Property Management, $13,750.

• 10th St., Gwendolyn Scott; Moses Scott to Kevin Seaman; Equity Trust Co., $11,000.

• Ferry Ave., Katherine M. Colosi; Richard J. Colosi to Hooks Handyman Service, $9,750.

• Ferry Ave., Stanley J. Klimeczko; Marie P. Klimeczko to Hooks Handyman Service, $9,750.

• North Ave., Patricia McGrath; Maria B. Helie to Charles A. Tomlinson, $7,000.


• Roberts Drive, Anthony Baldassara to Nancy A. Baldassaro; Joseph J. Baldassaro, $143,000.

• Parkview Drive, James K. Kieser to Brittany N. Zachritz; Jordan W. Zachritz, $95,700.

• Homestead Drive, John J. McLean Jr. to Jennifer L. Kelly, $95,000.

• Spruce St., Ross E. Benton; Susan H. Benton to Renee Rozicki, $90,000.

• Wall St., Audrey Vanstory; Patricia N. Davenport to Ryan Olay, $66,000.

• 62 Chipman Place, Bank of America to Jerry Stoculak, $61,425.


• Bear Ridge Road, Nancy A. Baldassaro; Joseph J. Baldassaro to Lindsay A. Zimpfer; Anne M. Zimpfer; Craig E. Zimpfer, $150,000.


• Lake Road, Charles B. Gusky; Martin J. Muniz; Janice L. McCaw to Martin Joseph Muniz; Janet Gray Muniz, $110,000.


• 11 State St., Jeremy P. Yasses to TGL Properties, $84,000.

• 59 Main St., Peycol Properties to TGL Properties, $84,000.


• Quaker Road, Robert J. Degnan; Robert E. Degnan to David A. Burstein, $115,000.

• Coleman Road, Rita Abbott Klos; Rita Klos; John Klos Jr. to Jean Blanchard; Jon J. Blanchard, $88,000.


• Balla Drive, Cathy F. Kaiser; Michael J. Kaiser to Kevin Lettow; Gloria Lettow, $222,500.

• Mallard Court, Rodney L. Bradley to Andrew D. Cahill, $180,000.

• Sy Road, Jeanne Marohn to Joseph Marohn; Kimberly Marohn, $172,000.

• Gary Drive, Eugene G. Giuseppetti; Cynthia A. Giuseppetti to Shannon Donovan; Patrick Donovan, $158,000.

• Lockport Road, Calvin A. Pfohl to William E. Sacher; Diana L. Sacher, $10,000.


• 264 Young St., First Niagara Bank to Joseph V. Parlato, $110,000.

• Old Beebe Road & Beebe Road, Robert St. Onge; Rita St. Onge to Daniel E. Schulz, $13,100.

• Old Beebe Road & Beebe Road, Robert St. Onge; Rita St. Onge to James P. Reynolds; Renee L. Reynolds, $13,100.

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