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Letter: Put the race card away and deal with the facts

Put the race card away and deal with the facts

I had to snicker at the letter, “Obama critics may not like the president’s origins.” Typical of many Obama supporters, when facts, logic and reasoning contradict their position, they pull out the race card. According to the writer, if you question the policies or intent of Obama and his administration, you must be a racist. The writer presents that Obama is doing such a fabulous job, there is no reason to oppose him.

The writer attempts to list some of Obama’s “achievements.” He says there have been no new wars, but didn’t mention the botched-up situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. To call Obama’s foreign policy feckless would be an insult to the truly feckless. The writer claims that partisanship stopped Obama from initiating a domestic version of the Marshall Plan. That is baloney, since Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during his first two years in office. This was the period when Obama got anything he wanted. Things like a $780 billion “stimulus,” crony capitalism (see Solyndra and $530 million down the toilet), the disaster of Obamacare, more business-stifling rules and regulations and a burgeoning national debt.

The facts are that the average American is making less than he was five years ago, and we have the lowest labor participation rate in nearly 50 years. The “most transparent administration in history” has yet to fully account what happened in “Fast and Furious,” Benghazi and IRS malfeasance, among other administration screw-ups. Yet anyone who questions the administration must be a “racist.”

While I do not doubt that racism still exists in this country, opposing Obama is not necessarily racist. However, the bottom line for me is this: I don’t care if he is black, white, yellow or brown. I oppose Obama because he is an ardent socialist who wants to “fundamentally change” the country to be the equivalent of the European Union.

James Sterman

East Amherst

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