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Policies, not skin color, make president unpopular

In response to the July 26 writer who claims President Obama is disliked because of his color, may I remind him that his being elected by a popular majority certainly had to include a large number of whites, believing his “hope and change” promise.

Obama is a constitutional lawyer, yet thumbs his nose at the Constitution. “I have a pen and a phone” seems to be his mantra.

With all of the world crises – Mideast, Israel, Russia, etc. – affecting us, he remains noncommittal or slow moving. Ukraine is begging for help as Russia continues its quest for world dominance.

Why hasn’t Obama confronted Mexico for jailing a U.S. Marine suffering from PTSD, who mistakenly made a wrong turn into Mexico while in possession of weapons?

Obama has allowed thousands to illegally cross the southern border. Then there is the Affordable Care Act, passed without being read.

How can the writer say we dislike the president because we are racist?

Doreen Borschel


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