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Residents near Artpark have a right to make money

Lewiston residents living near Artpark received a notice that parking cars on their own lawns is “ruining neighborhoods and destroying quality of life.” If residents continue to park cars on their lawns, they could face a fine of up to $250. This sudden enforcement of law is misguided and wrong.

If the Lewiston Village Board is really worried about quality of life, then why does it allow heavy traffic, often thousands of cars, to be directed down the residential neighborhood of South 4th Street? Does that not represent a bigger threat to quality of life than cars being parked on someone’s lawn?

By parking cars on their lawn, residents are simply cashing in on the inconvenience they face every Tuesday and Wednesday. I understand that after the concert there may be parties and loud noise concentrated around the parked cars, but that is a noise complaint and should be handled as such. Do not punish everyone for the actions of a few.

I do not believe that our local government should dictate what citizens do on their private property if they are not hurting anyone.

Stephen Sydor

Village of Lewiston

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