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Letter: Don’t poison our land by spreading biowaste

Don’t poison our land by spreading biowaste

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is about to approve a permit granting the spreading of biowaste on farmlands in Erie and Wyoming counties. The spreading of biowaste on farmlands is of great concern to me.

As clergy, I am in favor of caring for God’s creation and being a good steward of resources. Composting is one area that I am in favor of. However, when it comes to spreading ingredients that are not normally spread on farmland and contain such things as grease, human waste, pharmaceuticals, diesel and whatever else is put into the digester, I have objections.

It is my understanding that no crops for human consumption can be grown on the land for 36-plus months and you are not allowed to walk on the land. How do we keep animals off the land, which will then walk on other land? How do we keep birds from landing there? What guarantees are in place that crops, when they are finally allowed to grow on this land, do not enter the human food chain in this country or any country?

Why is it that big business can have its say and the little land owner has none? Have we not learned from Love Canal? When we are proactive in not wanting something, it is much better than being reactive to a situation that could have been prevented.

The Rev. Patricia J. Guinn


East Aurora

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