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Letter: Cuomo must ban fracking throughout New York State

Cuomo must ban fracking throughout New York State

Earlier this month, the New York State Court of Appeals affirmed the right of cities and towns to ban fracking, which was a huge victory for the grass-roots movement opposing this dangerous form of shale gas extraction.

While the court was right in its affirmation, unfortunately the harms of fracking do not know municipal boundaries, and the growing body of emerging science points to the need for a statewide ban on fracking to be implemented by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

For example, earlier in July the Los Angeles Times reported that scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and several universities have suggested there is a link between the quakes and the use of fracking, which could lead to a broad range of impacts. Also earlier this month, Concerned Health Professionals of New York released a compendium of the risks of fracking, citing instances and studies that point to the impacts New York may face if Cuomo allows the process.

No New Yorkers deserve to be poisoned or sacrificed to develop natural gas when clean energy is now more technologically feasible than ever. By allowing fracking in some parts of the state, such as our Southern Tier, we would be sacrificing the people and the land there to immediate impacts of drilling, but we will feel the reverberations throughout the state in our air and water quality.

On July 21, a Siena poll showed that the percentage of New Yorkers who oppose fracking outnumber those who support it, and it’s easy to see why. Fracking has the ability to impact everything from earthquakes to water quality to increased costs on municipalities. Cuomo must stand up now against fracking to safeguard our health and livelihood.

Frank Gage

Member, WNY Drilling Defense


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