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Letter: Artpark parking is not the problem to be solved

Artpark parking is not the problem to be solved

On the issue of neighborhoods surrounding Artpark, the real problem is drinking and loud or lewd behavior, not parking. Why does a police officer have to wait for direction, as reported, to ticket or hand out warnings for above violations? Instead of officers congregating at park entrances, driving around with two in a car or hanging around a pizza shop, officers should be walking the streets before the concerts. They should be creating a dialogue with residents and visitors as to what is expected of them. The real problems would then disappear without curtailing parking.

A lot of individuals who park cars are doing so to help those in need or raise money for school trips. Some need extra income to help alleviate the village tax burden or feel they deserve something for the high-traffic volume in front of their homes during the summer.

The village fathers, police officers and the village lawyer are all, in my opinion, respectable and hard-working citizens but lack a bedside manner. As we all know, anyone who works with the public and lacks the above will soon be out of business. “It’s my way or the highway” does not work in this day and age. My favorite expression is: “If a tree doesn’t bend a little, it will break.” I hope those in power will get the picture.

Ronald Craft


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