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Loose-lipped bartenders, the stowaway cat, and a game show where you win peanuts

That’s entertainment

Last week Howard, the guy Buzz married, was a last-minute contestant on WBBZ’s new game show “Bragging Rights.” Buzz tagged along to the taping in the studios at Eastern Hills Mall. What fun! Your friends and neighbors answer trivia questions, competing for the grand prize, a television from Dirt Cheap TV. Plus, you get to watch John DiSciullo. We are convinced he runs WBBZ all by himself. He is the entertaining, dapper emcee. (Asking “What part of the body produces the excretory product urea?” he grimaced hilariously.) He chats up the audience, which included not only Buzz but a dog, a chicken in a pen and a crying toddler. And when the computer crashed, knocking out the scoreboard right in the middle of a question about the Mod Squad, DiSciullo calmly paused the show, grabbed a marker and a metal bar to serve as a ruler, and drew a scoreboard on the back of a sign that was kicking around. Everyone stood around watching. How could you not? The man’s amazing. As was Howard: He won a bag of circus peanuts from Vidler’s.

Hey, bartender!

You know how we want to lure tourists here? Let’s print up the story on bartenders that ran in Sunday’s Buffalo magazine, and broadcast it over the civilized world. We would put New Orleans to shame. “I know it seems kind of common, but each fall is different. It could be like a drunk tumble or the chair falling. It’s simple, but it’s really funny to me.” That was Patrick Hoover, bartender at Black Rock Kitchen and Bar, talking about drunk patrons falling out of chairs. Ha, ha! The bartender at Cole’s says, “Something I see at Cole’s on a fairly regular basis, and that’s when (at a certain hour) people will get up on the bar and literally swing from the rafters. That’s often followed up by a ride on the carousel horses that separate the bar from the dining room.” Whoa! Finally, Mike Driscoll, at Founding Fathers, admitted: “We’ve had two ghost sightings in the ladies room.”


It’s fun knocking around the Clinton Bailey Market, buying way too much food for your fridge, coming home with stuff you never thought you would. Last week Buzz bought two hippie dresses, from a stand that someone wisely set up. We also bought a half bushel of apples, because it was $5. End result, as we say here in Buffalo, there we were on an 85-degree day, in one of our new summer dresses, baking apple pie. Humans aren’t the only ones who love that market. Elaine, who runs the stand that sells honey and beeswax, told us her family had been boarding a relative’s cat out in their country home. At the market, she opened up the truck – and there was the cat! He had hidden in the truck so he could make the trip. “The country cat stowed away. He wanted to come into the city,” she laughed. We understand.

The buzz

Want to watch “Bragging Rights”? It’s free. The show tapes at 6, 7 and 8 o’clock on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The studio is right next to Macy’s. ... What happened to that idiot who scrawled bcuz all over the city? Buzz still sees that stupid scrawl everywhere. We thought he was going to have to clean them all up. What happened? Get this guy back on the stick. We’ll even provide the toothbrush. …


“OK, my suit’s going out of style. We’re ready to go.”

– John DiSciullo, hurrying the techies at WBBZ

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