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Letter: Stakeholders must help ease Fruit Belt parking problems

Stakeholders must help ease Fruit Belt parking problems

Recently a letter writer from Elma called for a solution to the parking problems around Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. As a resident of the Fruit Belt and member of the Mulberry and Friends Block Club, I would like to see this parking issue solved, too.

We in the Fruit Belt cannot leave our houses without losing parking spaces in front of our own homes. The inconvenience suffered by residents has been documented in print and television news media. Area big-shots who envisioned this carless, pedestrian, public transportation and biking paradise have neglected to create the support for their pipe dream. But what do they care when they have reserved parking? It does not affect them as a worker or resident, so in their minds, a problem does not exist. Well, there is a problem.

In 2013, a petition to the Buffalo Common Council, signed by more than 500 residents in the Fruit Belt and McCarley Gardens, asked that, among other issues, the parking problem be resolved. Stalling tactics are used, such as saying any resolution regarding parking in the Medical Campus must go through Albany, even though the City of Buffalo has a Parking Department. Local elites don’t listen to residents from the East Side of Buffalo. Will they listen to a Roswell Park worker from Elma?

It is time for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, the Medical Campus and the University at Buffalo to stop dreaming. Please wake up, smell the coffee and do something practical regarding transportation and parking in the Fruit Belt.

Orlando A. Boykin


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