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Obama cannot be blamed for everything that happens

Well, they’re at it again. Those who are in the club whose only intention is to spew hate for this president.

I refer to the July 19 letter writer who again lists the never-ending “wrongdoings” by this man. You know how it works; if something bad happens, it’s Obama’s fault.

The chaos in the Middle East? It’s Obama’s fault. The wildfires in California, it’s Obama. The history of conflict in Ireland? Yep, it’s Obama. I suspect it won’t be long now until Obama is blamed for World War I, the Great Depression and the Edsel.

As to the writer’s comment that Hannity (and company) “simply report the facts,” he leaves out one small detail, in my opinion. Sean Hannity wouldn’t speak the truth if he heard it from God Almighty! Like the writer, he uses vague hyperbole, inflection and an urgency in his voice to convince the audience that his opinion is fact.

Whom the writer listens to and what he chooses to believe is not my business. Please, spare me the notion that opinion is fact. Saying it is so does not make it the truth.

George McNally


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