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Naming cemetery for hero is nice, but it’s not enough

I read the recent News editorial, “How to honor a hero,” lauding the efforts of Charles E. Schumer to name the new veterans cemetery in Corfu in honor of William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan. To borrow an old cliche: You took the words right out of my mouth. Schumer’s fine gesture is certainly appropriate. However, it is not enough, and Corfu is not Buffalo, where (as the editorial pointed out) Donovan got his start.

I understand that the owners of the hotel located in the former Donovan State Office Building are planning a small memorial to Buffalo history that includes some Donovan memorabilia, and that’s great, but again not enough. I hope that someday soon this great hero will be properly remembered in his hometown so that future generations of a new and resurgent Buffalo can take the kind of pride that many of us have in the rich chapter he adds to our history.

The News said it best: “Donovan is important enough to Western New York that Schumer and other Western New York leaders should continue looking for a bigger opportunity to honor him.”

Salvatore R. Martoche

Senior Counsel, Hodgson Russ


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