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Letter: Don’t turn your back on young immigrants

Don’t turn your back on young immigrants

My faith in our country has been boosted a lot. After watching fanatically crazed U.S. citizens screaming threats at children on buses or behind fences, I felt we were beyond redemption and shamed before the world. We are the country that preaches to others about civil respect, tolerance and freedom. What hypocrites!

But then, wonder of wonders, tucked down in an obscure spot in the newspaper was an article of inspiration. Faith communities have begun to come forward. They are offering shelter and care to these lost and frightened children. This is what Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, the creator – the founders of all faiths – teach us. Everyone is our neighbor and we are to love one another. Love these children. Welcome them. Please don’t forget our own homeless children.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Thank God for the few real leaders who are actually leading.

Virginia Hughes


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