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Letter: Cuomo needs to allow medical marijuana now

Cuomo needs to allow medical marijuana now

So, Gov. Andrew Cuomo went fishing in August 2012 and had to purchase a fishing license and was charged for a whole year even though the license expired on Oct. 1. Of course he was upset that he had to pay for a whole year’s fee even though it was only valid for less than 60 days.

Quickly, he rewrote the law to make a fishing license valid on a 12-month rolling basis from the date of purchase because it affected him personally. Fishermen have been complaining for years before this instance. This change in law happened rather quickly.

Next thing you know, we have the SAFE Act, passed overnight due to a message of necessity. Many of these laws still have not taken effect more than a year after this emergency law was passed in the middle of the night with many politicians who didn’t get a chance to voice their opinion.

A recent News article, which broke my heart, told of the terrible agony that parents of young children suffering from medical problems were experiencing. This could have been quickly addressed had Cuomo passed laws governing medical marijuana in a “message of necessity” in the middle of the night.

Patrick Swartz

West Seneca

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