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Letter: Hamas is manipulating sympathies to their side

Hamas is manipulating sympathies to their side

A July 17 letter writer condemns Israel for defending itself. The writer claims that Israel is guilty of “outright ethnic cleansing” as well as fooling the world that the Palestinians are the aggressors in this decades-long conflict. People who hold these views are just plain ignorant of the facts.

When Hamas fires rockets into Israeli towns, their aim is to maim and kill civilians. Hamas knows that these launch sites will be detected and will be destroyed by the Israelis. The Palestinians purposely put these rocket sites in civilian homes, schools and hospitals to get the maximum casualties and carnage. When you watch your news station and see all this bloodshed and destruction, you are witnessing exactly what Hamas wants you to see. These carefully orchestrated tactics are nothing more than an attempt to garner more sympathy for the Palestinian cause as well as more hatred for the Jewish state.

Human life means nothing to the terrorists who control Gaza. Read the Hamas Charter and see what it says about “peaceful co-existance” with Israel. Watch Palestinian television and you’ll see that schoolchildren are taught to hate Jews from an early age and also that their highest calling is to die as a martyr for the cause. In fact, Palestinian maps don’t even show Israel as a nation. It doesn’t exist.

To be sure, Israel wants to live in peace. Her people are as tired of this as the majority of Palestinians are. But until Hamas recognizes Israel’s right to exist, all this is destined to continue.

Jim Gras

Orchard Park

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