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Letter: Changing school rules amounts to racial quotas

Changing school rules amounts to racial quotas

Recently The Buffalo News reported the Board of Education was under investigation about the ethnic and racial composition of Buffalo’s best public schools (e.g. City Honors, Hutch Tech, and so forth). The plaintiffs who initiated this inquiry by the Department of Justice allege that members of minority groups are not represented in proportion to their numbers in Buffalo’s population.

We should be clear about what the plaintiffs want: ethnic and racial quotas. In other words, they want certain youngsters to be judged not by the content of their characters as students but by the color of their skin.

Leaving aside questions of the injustice to youngsters excluded by quotas or the self-esteem of those so included, all because of their skin color, I wonder whether such quotas make for better schools. To draw some analogies, would the Buffalo Bills field a better football team if they chose players based on the proportion of whites, blacks and Latinos in Erie County? Would the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra play finer music if they hired musicians by ethnic and racial quotas?

Paul Dowling


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