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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Upper Mountain Road, Olga J. Magrun; Patricia A. George; Olga J. Defuria to Christopher Goulet, $103,900.

• 5182 Ridge Road, Harry B. Morton to Wells Fargo Bank, $93,000.


• Fort Gray Drive, Bradley T. Truax; Elizabeth R. Truax to Edward L. Smith III, $275,000.


• 130 Autumnvale Drive, Joseph M. Provenzano to M&T Bank, $205,567.

• 342 East Ave., Nathan W. Fiegl to Midfirst Bank, $101,561.

• Irving St., Philip R. Livi; Rebecca D. Livi to Stephane Pierre Mainville, $99,640.

• Park Place, David Dipaola to Cynthia Knoll, $42,000.


• 6541 Amy Lane, Rose M. Harrison to Stone Financing, $167,000.

• Amy Lane, Stone Financing to Nicolle Marie Logiudice, $167,000.

• Dorchester Road, Nancy S. Villa; Donald A. Gutillo; Nancy S. Gutillo to Kevin T. Dray, $107,000.

• Royal Parkway South, Tracey J. Colosanti to Aaron D. Caswell; Jessica R. Haahr, $99,000.

• Commerce Drive, Town of Lockport Industrial Development Agency to 5404 Crown Drive Inc., $30,000.

• Rapids Road, Steven P. Dunkelberger to Stephen Jasinski, $24,000.

• Sanders Road & Kinne Road, Aegis Development Group Inc. to Traba Development; Homes Traba, $20,000.


• 2753 Brown Road, Thomas A. Schwartz to Philip R. Simons; Shari A. Brounscheidel; Robbie B. Brounscheidel; Christa M. Simons, $270,000.

• 2330 Fuller Road, Mariela Rivas; Mariela Y. Rivas to Deutsche Bank, $172,000.

• 3877 Lockport Olcott Road, Mark L. Rounds to Wells Fargo Bank, $123,950.

• Merritt St., Thomas C. Heck; Judson H. Heck Jr. to Nicole J. Enderton, $97,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $142,000 Average price: $50,796 Median price: $50,000 Number of Sales: 25

• Griffon Ave., Donald H. Flett; Barbara C. Flett to Michelle L. Watson, $142,000.

• Mckoon Ave., Nancy E. Scirto to Anne E. Moore, $112,000.

• 167 59th St., Richard W. Ackerson to HSBC Bank, $83,614.

• 1006 91st St., Robert J. Kohnke; Kevin J. Kohnke to Leroy N. Burkhead; Karen L. Hughes, $80,000.

• 38 Steele Circle, Elizabeth J. Fusco to Marlene G. Patterson, $72,000.

• 5165 Tuscarora Road, Stevan Wooten to Fannie Mae, $67,710.

• Lockport Ave. & Duquesne St., Hammam Rifai to Denny Soliday, $65,000.

• Frontier Ave., Dale H. Kobler to Christopher Tomassetti, $63,440.

• Niagara Ave., Alfred Marchasani; Esther D. Runca; Alfred A. Marchesani to Hervin Thomas, $55,000.

• Pine Ave., Timothy R. Ogrady to Yu Shun Chang; Zhi Q. Chang, $54,000.

• 479 25th St., Rock It Homes to Provident Trust Group; Zephirin Jean, $53,700.

• 63rd St., John R. Abel to Lisa Kenney; Brian Kenney, $53,500.

• Buffalo Ave. Sutton Place Condo, Building 3, Unit 28, Robert Cordova; Jason R. Cordova; Robert F. Cordova to Guy M. Fortunate; Anna M. Fortunate, $50,000.

• 147 76th St., HUD to Patrick D. Jessie, $49,555.

• 2452 Michigan Ave., HUD to Thomas W. Carlisto, $47,375.

• 1859 & 1868 Niagara Ave., Charles Hinks; Charles J. Hinks to Douglas E. Collins, $45,000.

• 1806 Niagara St., Equity Trust Co.; Kevin Seaman to DHGF Llc, $42,500.

• Niagara St., Sharon Gazy to Steven Schwab, $40,000.

• Hyde Park Blvd. & Rhode Island Ave., Romeo James Moretti; R. James Moretti; Romeo Moretti to Hammam Rifai, $25,000.

• 2484 Willow Ave., Kenneth M. Dier to Wells Fargo Bank, $20,000.

• Pierce Ave., Chris Plennert to Richard T. Rogers, $19,000.

• 20th St., Abdallah M. Abou-Jaoude to Elhussein Mansour, $13,000.

• 435 3rd St., Niagara 435 3rd Street Llc to Cataract Development Corp., $5,500.

• 463 3rd St., 463 3rd Street Llc to Cataract Development Corp., $5,500.

• 537-539 3rd St., Niagara 537-539 3rd Street Llc to Cataract Development Corp., $5,500.


• Dimatteo Drive, Sondra Difranco; George R. Golias; Gale Major; Nancy Price to Kelley Marie Lorich, $184,900.

• Vandervoort St. & Christiana St., Justin U. Emma to Cody L. Hashman, $119,000.

• 1044 Ruie Road, Cathy A. McGinley to Wells Fargo Bank, $103,442.

• Moll St., Michael R. Hobbs; Patricia L. Hobbs to Dennis K. Stange, $60,000.

• Ruie Road, Joseph Mielcarek; Vaughn J. Mielcarek to 632 Ruie Road Trust; FRM Holdings, $30,000.

• North Ave. & Ruie Road, Nicholas J. Labarbera; Sarah M. Labarbera to Robert Wrazin; Carmine Wrazin, $5,000.


• Bear Ridge Road, Kurt Dunker to Jan Polley, $125,000.


• Riverview Drive, Jason Hay to Jennifer L. Fay; Benjamin M. Finkel, $240,000.

• Main St., Ye Old Village Pizza Shoppe Inc. to 418 Main Street Youngstown Inc., $165,000.

• 2137 Lake Road, Roban Sanders to Fannie Mae, $56,867.


• 6574 Wolcottsville Road, Joy Beckstrand; Joy S. Schoolcraft to Mark E. Lewis; Sarah E. Lewis, $120,900.

• Akron Road, Ralph Foster; Coletta Foster; Patricia A. Hendrick; Coletta H. Foster to Corey J. Parker; Christina M. Parker, $90,000.

• Bulmore Road & Lincoln Ave., James C. Bugenhagen; Pamela C. Bugenhagen to R WNY Properties Llc, $63,660.

• Royalton Center Road, Albert Cuoco Trust; Helen Cuoco to Jason Trombley, $15,500.


• Stevenson Court, Ruth E. Muck; David C. Muck to James G. Lambert, $175,000.

• Niagara St. & Cayuga St., Shawn Schott to Tod R. Craggs, $75,000.


• Ontario St. & Harding Ave., Bradley S. Coon to Bradley A. London; Suzanne E. London, $264,000.

• Wilson-Burt Road, Cathy L. Cummings; Barbara L. Cummings to David E. Myers, $50,000.

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