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Letters to the Sports Editor

Modern day players seem prone to injury

I am a baseball guy and have been for a long time. I started playing in the sixth grade and played some very serious ball. Never have I seen more Major League players out because of injury.

A strained muscle or a sprained whatever, means a paid vacation. I wonder how the Mick, Ted Williams or the Babe would feel about such things? I wonder if they played through these types of injuries?

Of course there are exceptions - Ripken and Jeter. I began to count the number of pitchers out on injured reserve and stop counting at 40-plus. What does this show to our young kids today? I played BEN-PAL, which was sponsored by The Buffalo News and police department, and never did I see ball players out for minor injuries, nor were they paid nearly what they are today.

The coaches expected us to play through whatever. I remember in a MUNY game playing with a blood clot on my ankle because I did not want the coach to know. I wanted to play!

What has happened to Major League Baseball? Replays? I thought baseball was the one sport that had the human element; I guess that’s gone. Pretty soon we can eliminate the umpires and use cameras and do things digitally.

Needless to say I do not watch much baseball anymore.

Ray Spasiano


Bon Jovi’s partners are problem for this fan

Toronto Bills? Why?

It’s one simple question. It contains only three letters, yet it can reveal a lot.

Why, Bon Jovi, do you want to bid on the Buffalo Bills even though some radio stations and bars in Buffalo are banning your music?

Here is a suggestion. Before you place your bid, ask to perform the U.S. National Anthem at one of the Buffalo Bills’ home games. Then decide.

I, personally, have nothing against you, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi. My problem stems from your partnership with Rogers Communications and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment in bidding for the Bills.

Why, Rogers Comm. and MLSE, are you bidding on the Buffalo Bills? Remember in 2008 when you reached a deal with the late Ralph Wilson, Jr. to take five regular-season Bills home games and move them to Toronto? Remember the three meaningless pre-season games that were also included in this deal?

We are all still waiting for this third pre-season game to be played in Toronto. Remember? Scheduling conflicts at the Rogers Center prevented this game.

Here is a suggestions. Come up with an extra $400 million if you plan to bid on the Bills. It is the cost to get out of the lease with Buffalo. Do you think people in Buffalo will support the team if you buy it?

Why, Mary Wilson, would you sell to this group? A simple question, I hope, no one will ever ask.

Henry Biggie


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