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Letter: Obama critics may not like the president’s origins

Obama critics may not like the president’s origins

I and, doubtless, others wonder why President Obama has such low poll numbers. He’s smart, thoughtful and dignified, which are balanced with a fine sense of humor. He’s kept us safe with no 9/11 on his watch and no new wars. There has been increased employment and decreased national deficits, every year of his presidency. Through persistent calls for military intervention, screams of incompetency and threats of lawsuits and impeachment, he meets continual crises with calm deliberation and a thoroughness that reassures and inspires confidence.

So, what is different about this man, vilified beyond all reason, evoking more filibusters and partisanship than any other chief executive? Former Secretary of State George Marshall, deservedly, won a Nobel Peace Prize for his European Recovery Plan following World War II. After President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, he tried to initiate a similar plan, hoping to provide thousands of jobs to improve our crumbling infrastructure, and thereby rescue our troubled economy. Congressional approval was grudging and inadequate, slowing our recovery and making it nonexistent for many.

There is definitely something about this president that causes right-wing radio and Fox News to go ballistic and conspiracy theorists to pounce at any perceived negativity, instantly demeaning him while “wanting their country back.” Those who suggest possible racism get hammered. The denial becomes so vehement it creates its own Catch 22 by inciting these people to even greater levels of anger and hatred. America the beautiful will truly be so, one day, when colorblindness becomes rooted in American principle.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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